Dedicated systems for microbiological safety in healthcare settings

OZOSÌ studies, designs and manufactures innovative equipment and systems indispensable for the implementation of directives concerning hygiene and medical issues.
Integrated systems for the control and elimination of bacterial loads in healthcare structures.

Equipment and systems assisted by units controlled remotely, in terms of management and maintenance.

Our solutions use the ozone’s chemical/physical properties and can be integrated with systems routinely used and/or replace systems that are obsolete, if not, in some cases, even forbidden by the law.

Our systems are particularly suitable in healthcare settings, thanks to their ability to microbiologically monitor water, air and surfaces, with the ultimate purpose of improving safety, energy consumption and environmental impact.

Main applications

– Hospitals’ inlet water treatment system
– Hospitals’ water distribution system treatment
(elimination of Legionella).
– System for the treatment of water in physical rehabilitation tanks.
– Energy efficient air treatment system
– System for the elimination of bacterial loads/sanitization of air treatment units, channels and surfaces (elimination of the risk of Legionnaire’s disease).

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